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Setting up a business in Singapore is a popular choice among entrepreneurs due to the city-state’s numerous advantages. Its strategic location, pro-business environment, low corporate tax rates, and many other benefits attract an array of foreign investment. This article will guide you through the essential costs to consider when registering a company in Singapore. We will take a close look at the various elements that make up these costs, including both the government and agent fees involved.

Key Takeaways

  • Costs of registering a company in Singapore include government and agent fees
  • Initial government fees are $15.00 for company name reservation and $300.00 for company incorporation
  • Foreign entrepreneurs require the services of a registered filing agent and may incur additional costs
  • Yearly expenses for corporate secretarial services are an essential aspect to consider
  • Comparing corporate service providers and utilizing cost-effective strategies such as virtual offices can help save on registration costs

Overview of Singapore Company Registration Expenses

Setting up a company in Singapore involves a series of fees and expenses related to its establishment. Singapore’s registration framework necessitates certain minimum legal requirements, such as having at least one director, one secretary, a minimum of one shareholder, a registered address, and a minimum of $1 paid-up capital. Non-resident entrepreneurs must engage corporate secretarial firms to meet these requirements, and the associated costs depend on the business structure, type of company, and service packages offered.

Annual expenses for corporate secretarial services must also be factored in, as these services encompass a wide range of tasks that affect the overall cost of running a company in Singapore. The scope of these services includes:

  • Compliance costs
  • Professional knowledge and servicing
  • Administrative costs associated with filings and other secretarial tasks

Understanding the various company registration fees Singapore requires is critical for any entrepreneur looking to set up a business in the country. This knowledge enables business owners to make informed decisions regarding their choice of service provider, ensuring they get the best fit for their specific needs and budget. Being aware of the Singapore company registration expenses and charges allows companies to stay in compliance and maintain smooth operation, ultimately contributing to their long-term success.

Non-resident entrepreneurs must engage corporate secretarial firms to meet the requirements of Singapore’s registration framework, with associated costs depending on the business structure, type of company, and service packages offered.

Breaking Down Government and Agent Fees for Singapore Company Incorporation

When registering a company in Singapore, entrepreneurs encounter a mix of government-mandated costs and fees for professional services. To help business owners understand the various expenses associated with the company incorporation process, this section provides a breakdown of these fees and their impact on business setup Singapore.

Singapore Company Incorporation Costs

Government Fees for Name Reservation and Company Incorporation

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) mandates two essential fees as part of the company incorporation process. These include the:

  1. Company Name Reservation Fee: $15.00
  2. Company Incorporation Fee: $300.00

The company name reservation fee covers reserving a chosen company name for a period of up to 60 days. The company incorporation fee, on the other hand, provides for the entire incorporation process. Both fees are processed through the bizfile.gov.sg platform, and are typically bundled together at the end of the registration process.

Additional Agent Fees: Professional Services Costs

Apart from government charges, entrepreneurs may also incur additional fees when they enlist the services of a Registered Filing Agents (RFA). These fees cover a range of professional services that are often necessary for registering a company in Singapore, such as:

  • Incorporation work
  • Company secretary services (mandated within six months of incorporation)
  • Local nominee director (if applicable)
  • Company’s registered address

These services may also offer additional options such as bank account opening and ancillary company registration services. Cost-conscious entrepreneurs should be prepared to spend around $3,000 to $4,000 for a reasonably-priced corporate service provider. This estimate does not include potential refundable deposits for services like a local director.

In conclusion, a thorough understanding of the various fees, both government and agent-related, involved in company incorporation in Singapore is essential for entrepreneurs when setting up their businesses. With a clear knowledge of the costs, business owners can make informed decisions on the most cost-effective options to establish a successful venture in the country.

Annual Ongoing Costs of Running a Singapore Registered Company

Running a company in Singapore involves yearly expenses for company secretary services, local director fees if applicable, and additional costs for annual filings, such as returns and taxes. Singapore’s start-up tax exemptions and potentially not requiring an annual audit can significantly reduce these costs. Modest accounting expenses and wise utilization of tax incentives can result in annual company maintenance costs ranging between $3,000 to $5,000.

Company secretary cost Singapore, compliance costs, and other charges are important to consider when estimating the ongoing costs running a Singapore registered company. In addition to company secretary services, businesses in Singapore need to account for various other expenses that contribute to their yearly operational costs. Some of these ongoing financial requirements include the following:

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) filings for local and offshore companies.
  2. Yearly Returns, where companies declare the company’s latest financial statements are available for inspection by shareholders.
  3. Preparation and submission of tax filings with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).
  4. Periodic renewal of business licenses and permits, if applicable.
  5. Registered office address annual fees, for correspondence and official notifications.

One of the key advantages of operating a business in Singapore is the potential for a reduced effective tax rate. Established companies can make use of various tax incentives offered by the IRAS, such as:

  • Partial Tax Exemption (PTE), where a portion of the company’s taxable income is exempt from tax.
  • Start-Up Tax Exemption (SUTE) scheme, providing increased tax exemption to eligible new companies.

With the appropriate tax planning and cost management strategies in place, Singapore’s favorable business environment allows companies to maintain an efficient and competitive operational cost structure.

Long-Term Financial Considerations in Company Registration

Beyond the immediate costs of registration, long-term financial considerations play a crucial role in the sustainability and success of a business. These considerations include recurring overheads, such as office rental, payroll, and additional taxation. Singapore provides several tax advantages for new companies, including favorable corporate tax rates and exemptions to encourage economic growth.

long-term financial considerations company registration

One of the key benefits of Singapore company registration is the possibility of a reduced effective tax rate of 4.25% on net income for new companies. This attractive tax structure allows business owners to maximize profitability and reinvest their resources to fuel further growth.

Understanding these potential savings emphasizes the importance of considering the full spectrum of long-term costs associated with running a business in Singapore.

Furthermore, companies exempt from auditing can enjoy significant savings, freeing up resources that can be better utilized to expand and develop the business. To make the most of these tax advantages, it’s essential to:

  1. Stay aware of current tax regulations and changes to keep your company compliant;
  2. Proactively seek tax incentives and exemptions that may apply to your business;
  3. Work with experienced accountants and tax advisors to optimize your financial strategy.

By understanding the long-term financial considerations in company registration and positioning your company to maximize the tax advantages of Singapore company registration, you can set the stage for ongoing success and a solid financial foundation.

Cost-Effective Strategies for Singapore Business Setup

When setting up a business in Singapore, minimizing costs effectively can greatly impact its success and sustainability. This process starts with comparing corporate service providers in Singapore and understanding the different corporate service packages available. In this section, we will discuss how to choose the right service provider and explore the advantages of using VOffice virtual office services for cost savings.

Comparing Corporate Service Providers and Packages

With a wide price spectrum for corporate services in Singapore, entrepreneurs should carefully compare and select a provider that offers a fair balance between cost and service quality. Avoiding excessively low-priced services is essential, as they might compromise service quality and lead to potential compliance issues in the long run.

Look into packages valued between $800 to $1,500 per year when comparing corporate service providers in Singapore.

In addition to the cost, consider the scope and comprehensiveness of the services, expertise of the team, and the responsiveness and communication style of the provider. This will help you make an informed decision and select the best-fit provider for your business.

Benefits of Using VOffice Virtual Office Services

Utilizing virtual office services is another cost-efficient strategy for business setups in Singapore. VOffice offers exceptional virtual office services starting from as low as $4.75/month, providing a registered address without incurring the high costs of physical office spaces.

With VOffice, not only can you maintain corporate compliance by having a registered address, but you can also access a range of professional amenities and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional office spaces. These include:

  • Mail forwarding and handling services
  • Call answering and forwarding services
  • Meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities
  • Administrative support

By opting for virtual office services, businesses can significantly reduce overhead and indirect costs while still enjoying the benefits of a professional address and support services. This allows for more affordable and effective business registration and operation in Singapore.


When it comes to effective business registration in Singapore, understanding the various costs involved is crucial for successful operation. Registering a company in Singapore entails a combination of government and agent fees, in addition to ongoing and long-term costs. By considering these expenses and embracing cost-saving strategies, entrepreneurs can maximize the potential of their business in this favorable environment.

One efficient strategy to minimize costs involves comparing corporate service providers and their packages. By opting for a balanced package priced between $800 to $1,500 per year, entrepreneurs can ensure they receive quality services without compromising on affordability. This approach can lead to considerable cost savings for company registration in Singapore.

Another cost-effective solution is utilizing virtual office services, such as those offered by VOffice. Virtual offices function as a company’s registered address while eliminating the high costs associated with renting a physical office space. With packages starting as low as $4.75/month, businesses can benefit from professional amenities and services while maintaining compliance with Singaporean corporate regulations.

In conclusion, understanding the financial aspects of company registration in Singapore and adopting smart financial strategies plays a vital role in ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of a business in this thriving jurisdiction.


What are the main costs of registering a company in Singapore?

The main costs include government fees, such as a company name reservation fee ($15.00) and a company registration fee ($300.00). Additional costs include those for professional services, like corporate secretarial services, a local nominee director, and a company’s registered address, if applicable.

What are the government fees for company incorporation in Singapore?

There are two mandatory government fees: a $15.00 company name reservation fee and a $300.00 company incorporation fee. Both fees are payable to ACRA and can be processed online through bizfile.gov.sg.

What are some cost-effective strategies for company registration in Singapore?

Some cost-effective strategies include comparing corporate service providers and their packages, utilizing virtual office services such as those offered by VOffice, and leveraging Singapore’s tax advantages and startup tax exemptions.

What are the ongoing costs of running a registered company in Singapore?

Annual ongoing costs include company secretary services, a local director’s fee (if applicable), and additional costs for annual filings, returns, and taxes. The costs can range between $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the company’s size and specific needs.

How can a virtual office service help my Singapore company save costs?

Virtual office services like VOffice can reduce overhead and indirect costs while providing a registered address for your company and access to professional amenities and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional office spaces.