Meeting & Training Room Rental


Meeting and Training Room Rental

- fit in 6 to 8 pax (10 pax possible but a bit squeezing).

- white board is provided

- WIFI is available

Located at Midview City at Sin Ming, Singapore

- cheap parking lot and have shuttle service to/from Midview city

- Bishan & Marymount MRT Station.

Click here to find out the public transport & shuttle bus service

CHEAPEST @ $18/hour (minimum 2 hour rental)

** 9am to 6pm S$18/hour
** after 6pm-10pm S$36/hour
** Public Holiday, Saturday & Sunday S$36/hour (minimum 4 hour rental)
** Projector @ additional $15 per entire session. CALL 6460 0199





Benefits of Meeting Room Rental Services for Startups

If you are running a startup that hasn’t quite yet gained stability in terms of revenue, investing in a commercial office might negatively affect your income. On the other hand, your image might be negatively affected if you prefer meeting clients at your home or any other unconventional location. Meeting & training room rental services will enable you to strike a balance between the two. Here are some of the advantages of renting a meeting room, or training room.

Low startup costs
In most cases, the commercial office contract usually includes the office space alone. This means you’ll have to get the necessary office furniture and accessories which adds up to the initial costs. The meeting room rental Singapore contract usually includes more than space. Some of the add-ons include office furniture, a meeting room, accessories, reserved address and client support. The best part is that the amount you’ll pay is usually a fraction of the cost of renting your own commercial office. You’ll be able to save more of your revenue in anticipation of getting a commercial office once your business has taken off.

Better credibility
As a startup business, building credibility is one of the key issues that will ensure that your business succeeds. For example, if you provide consultancy and training services to professionals, they would expect to find you working in a professional setting. That’s where training room rental services come in. You can easily pay less money to rent a training room which you will use frequently for your consultancy and training sessions.

Use it when you need it
Most office owners find that they are paying for their space even when they aren’t using it. Think about weekends and holidays which are included in the monthly rent although the office is actually not in use. With our meeting room rental services, you only pay for the services you get when you are actually using the space and its amenities. This significantly cuts down on the cost you would otherwise unnecessarily incur were you to rent a commercial office.

Strategic locations
VOffice Services Singapore, as a Virtual Office & Serviced Office provider, always want to ensure that our clients get the spaces that meet their specific needs, be it for business operation, meeting clients or giving training. Whether you want to find a meeting room within the CBD or a quiet office in the suburbs, VOffice Singapore can easily make this possible. For your startup, this means being strategically placed to allow for easy accessibility for your clients. All you need to do is approach us and we will schedule a time for your meeting & training room rental in Singapore.

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