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Company Secretary & Corporate Secretarial Services

Voffice Company Secretary & Corporate Secretarial Services are currently the best ways to improve your business. As such, many companies across the world have exponentially over a short period due to this idea. Voffice Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services has been on the market since 2014 and has amassed enough experience to provide the best Voffice company secretary and corporate secretarial services at reasonable prices. Voffice Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services offers you a chance to take your business to the next level by giving you access to company secretary and corporate secretarial services you would get in a physical office.

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A company secretary is essential for any business’ success, and as such we would advise you to consider this option during registration. As if a company secretary was not enough, Voffice Singapore also offers customer support to its clients throughout their registration period. Not to mention, there is a dedicated team of Voffice assistants from our corporate secretarial services docket that are always monitoring your business operations (together with the company secretary) to ensure that you have the expected growth. Voffice Singapore also offers an immediate response to any queries presented by its customers especially those regarding our company secretary and corporate secretarial services and has a user-friendly office team that’s guaranteed to deliver the expected or even better results. Your company secretary, in liaison with our corporate secretarial services, can help you run your business virtually while you concentrate on other businesses without worrying it might collapse.

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What are Voffice Company Secretary and Corporate Secretarial Services?

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Voffice Singapore provides corporate secretarial services under the company secretary docket. This means you can get a company secretary at a low price to help enhance your business. In fact, the company offers Voffice Business addresses in Singapore for a very low monthly rate. The price makes it easy for startups to grow their business to the next level while giving large companies the chance to save an extra buck by making use of these corporate secretarial services. However, there are also other option to consider seeing the features for each company secretary and corporate secretarial services package vary. Here’s an in-depth look at your options as far as company secretary and corporate secretarial services go.

I. Basic Package

The basic package is the cheapest option and can be paid either on a monthly basis or annually. If you choose this package, you will receive a business address in Singapore and free daily email alerts. You are also given the self-collect mail service, but that’s as good as it gets and can hire corporate secretarial services and a dedicated company secretary if interested.

II. Standard Package

For either a monthly fee or an annual stipend, you can upgrade to the standard package, which also includes corporate secretarial services and a company secretary always on standby. This package, which includes a company secretary access, offers the same services as the basic package with the addition of a shared fax number and a chance to use the meeting room for a specified amount of time every year. Aside from having a company secretary, you will also get weekly local mail forwarding, but that service requires some extra cash for credit top-ups. All this courtesy of our elite corporate secretarial services.

III. Premium Package

This package is the more expensive, but it contains better company secretary and corporate secretarial services than its predecessors. Just like the other two options above, this package also has monthly and yearly preferences for payment. The services offered are the same as those on the Standard Package with the only difference being time, distance, and cost. However, apart from meeting room usage, which is increased to eight hours every year, this package also offers office room usage. Corporate secretarial services and access to a dedicated company secretary might be a little steeper, but you are awarded this service at a lower price. This package also has overseas mail forwarding services, which also requires some extra cash to cater for credit top-ups.

VentureHaven and Voffice

Voffice Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services have also joined hands with VentureHaven to offer you the best to bring you the best corporate secretarial services intertwined with a reserved company secretary. Here are some of the roles that a company secretary will fulfill alongside their payments. This is just to show you the importance of our corporate secretarial services.

Why Businesses Investing in Singapore Need these Services?

Voffice Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services has served an upwards of 10,000 clients from over 50 countries across the globe. As such, many of their customers get to have their presence felt in Singapore. These clients range from small business start-ups to big multi-national companies. Singapore is among the fastest growing economies in South-East Asia. Any investor trying to promote their business here will need someone who can manage their company efficiently. Considering the price for a physical office plus paying the personnel in Singapore might be twice as expensive as hiring our services, a company secretary and corporate secretarial services are the next best thing.

Benefits of having a Company Secretary and Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

A company secretary under Voffice Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the physical company’s register. They do this at VentureHaven and also send notifications and alerts regarding important compliance dates. The Company Secretary also offers business consultation for free and can is the ideal go-to professional for advice regarding Voffice Singapore. Corporate secretarial services at Voffice Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services also include a client discounted rate for expert services and Annual General Meeting Filing. Your company secretary is also entitled to provide your company’s Annual Return Filing during the service period. Corporate secretarial services are an excellent addition to any package since they make your integration into the Voffice more seamless.


A company secretary is a choice for every individual or company joining Voffice Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore. During registration, you are presented with the option of registering your business and hiring corporate secretarial services and a company secretary. However, you are required to include the registration fee, company M&AA, stamp, and profile, ACRA Company Name Check and Reservation, and the Electronic Certificate of Incorporation for this package. Before finishing your registration, you are also required to give your consent to allow Voffice Services PTE LTD the right to use, collects, process, and disclose personal data for inquiries, feedback, or tests. Not to mention, all the information you provide should be complete and accurate to further your chances of successful registration

In Closing

Your success is what drives Voffice Singapore, especially the company secretary docket. Their world-class company secretary services and state-of-the-art facilities are what every business needs to move to the next level. Considering Singapore is among the fastest-growing countries in South-east Asia, Voffice Singapore Company Secretary and Corporate Secretarial Services is one investment you will not regret.

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